Tidewater Herring Roe

There are many species of herring in the ocean, however Tidewater Herring Roe is processed using the eggs of the river herring. This species is harvested during March and early April. The roe sacks are carefully removed, washed and processed in hermetically sealed cans to provide at least a five year shelf life.

River herring spawn in the fresh water areas of East Coast rivers and the fingerlings return to the ocean for three to four years to mature sexually. When they are mature, they return to the same river to spawn. Because of poor water quality and the impact that offshore factory ships from foreign countries had on our river herring, many rivers are currently closed for harvest as natural stocks rebuild.

The availability of Tidewater Herring Roe is limited in quantity because most of these rivers are closed for harvest. As more of these rivers rebuild in abundance and are opened for harvest, future availability and pricing may be better.

We appreciate your continued use of Tidewater Herring Roe—a truly delicate and unique product.

Tidewater Herring Roe Recipes



Remove roe from can, separate into natural pieces, dust with flour, salt and pepper to taste. Fry in vegetable oil and serve.


Drain liquid, add one-fourth teaspoon of table salt, one beaten egg, pepper to taste, form into small cakes and fry.


Drain liquid, pour contents of can into pan and add one egg. Mash and mix ingredients before scrambling. Scramble Roe until partially dry. Add salt to taste.


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